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CEO Cinde Dolphin on patient centricity

June 26, 2020

CEO & founder Cinde Dolphin, talks about the lack of patient centricity, from a first hand perspective. She speaks about how healthcare can begin to  better understand, and innovate throughout the patients journey.

Cinde's Website - https://medicaldraincarrier.com/

Cinde's Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cdolphin/


00:34 - Introduction to Cinde Dolphin and her story | 03:13 - How Cinde's experience affected her patient-centric view | 06:50 - The patient is the innovator | 07:57 - How the corona virus might effect healthcare innovation | 10:06 - Healthcare innovation is changing globally | 11:59 - How the hospital waiting rooms are now a thing of the past | 13:50 - Small businesses and small innovations, large benefits | 16:35 - What healthcare leaders need to hear right now